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Saturday, November 20, 1999

Your letter came today & I'll start a letter because this will be a busy first of the week in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Don't know if Barb J. is coming but if she does I'll have to fuss a little more.

Thurs. nite we heard from Kim that Torey had dug up an old bone & chewed on it.  Result he had "the runs".  Thurs. he still had to eat her e- cheese, salmon, ice cream & cookies.  That didn't help - at 2:30 A.M. he woke Kim up - he had messed on the rug in the living room -- all liquid.  He stood by the door meaning he wanted to go out.  So Kim put a coast over her pj's & took him out.  Meanwhile she tried to clean up the rug.  The worse part was Lar slept all thru this & Kim couldn't take that.  She turned on all the lights & Lar finally roused.  Kim said it's your turn if he needs to go out.  About 5:30 A.M., Kim heard Tor & Lar had to get up.  Kim said to Lar "don't let Torey eat old dug up bones."  Lar said "that's part of being a dog."  Kim - "Not for Torey, he's almost human."

Dale was in Rochester Thurs & Fri this week.  Sam B. also went so they went together.  It was about noises & squeaks in cars - at least part of it.  Dale said it was an interesting 2 days.  Shults has an agency in Erie & was asked to take over a Ford agency in Pittsburgh & get it back to be successful.  T hey have Toyota, Ford as well as Chevy & Pontiac, etc.  Dale said the one son is the one who has the smarts to be successful.  The 2 songs have taken over from the father.

Where Barb works for Bert, one bedroom ceiling had a hole in the plaster.  On Tues. someone went to plaster & also painted the ceiling & walls.  Barb didn't' work Fri. as the room wasn't finished.  So she worked today but didn't get finished so will go in tomorrow for a couple of hours.  Bert's niece doesn't come til Mon. aft. so that will help & barb can go over the downstairs on Mon.  Painting the kitchen took time so she didn't get any cleaning done.

I guess Penn State is going to lose for a 3rd time in a row.  Lots of unhappy Penn Staters around - including Cindy I'm sure.  When is Julianna a year old.

When Dale was gone Thurs. nite, it gave us a chance to have fish.  Salmon & it was delicious.  Dale is not a fish eater.  Doesn't like the smell.

Last Wed. when Sam came to pick Dale up, he was early so we talked awhile.  He divorced his wife but still they see each other.  He put winter tires on her car, check to see the storm windows were OK.  They are friends but being husband & wife won't work.  I like Sam but he's not husband material.  It was her - she spent & charged too much money - one of the problems.  There were others.  Sam was her 2nd husband & she has 2 children.  A son 16 & a daughter 14 going on 30.  Sam told her you'd better watch the girl or you'll be sorry but she said that' how kids are today.  She's an R.N. & can support herself.

Mon A.M.

I'm going out to lunch with our pastor friends at Holiday Inn.  Hollertzs won't be there as their daughter Valeria is home for a short visit.  Bensons will pick me up.

Last nite I was the last one in bed - this is Dale's early week.  Reason: I watched Law & Order from 8-11 & really enjoyed it.  I'm going to think about watching L&) on Wed. nites at 10 pm.

Luncheon date is 1 pm & we're there about 2 hours so Barb will get the groceries while I'm gone so we can go to the Mall when I get home.

Another warm day here - should be in the 60s.  Hit 59 yesterday.  Nice Nov. weather!

Guess I've covered everything.

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