Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friday, October 22, 1999

I'll start a letter tonite as the World Series starts tomorrow & with football, etc. decided to get an early start.

Thanks for the pictures of the wedding.  I feel like I don't know Rachel as we've seen so little of her, so it was nice to get the pictures.

In your letter that came today you mentioned having to take Andy to Lenscrafters.  Did I miss something - does he need glasses or is it something special he needed or wanted.

Back to the wedding - did they blow bubbles in place of rice or bird seed?

Today after lunch we went to the mall & I bo't a black skirt at Bon Ton & a flannel nightie at Penneys.  Barb is looking for a tan turtleneck & couldn't find any.  I had an order for L. L. Bean & she saw one so decided to get one.  Lar always likes a certain L. L. Bean shirt for Christmas so I ordered that as well.  Kim collects bird houses & Penneys Home Values Catalog had a darling Christmas bird house so I ordered that one.  I'm getting a start on Christmas.  We want to send y our pkg. by the end of Nov.  Oh yes, I finally found Pokemon cards at KMart.

Next week we plan to go to Jamestown again & will go to the Old Navy store & look at things the boys might like.

I've been trying to remember Law & Order at 7 p.m.  I've done it a few times now & enjoy them but to really understand it, I have to watch from the start.

Bert, who Barb works for, gave Barb a red blazer jacket - Liz brand, size 12.  But it fits me better than it does Barb so I'm the one to get it.  What a lucky break.  It is really nice.

After the Met game Tues. nite - I stayed up til 12:15 A.M. & then went to bed & couldn't get to sleep.  Too disappointed, I guess.  When I couldn't sleep many thoughts went thru my mind & I got to thinking of the winter jacket I wrote about in my last letter.  I thought "I bet that clasp or whatever could have slipped up to the top of the zipper."  Sure enough, when I checked there it was so my jacket is still wearable & I still have the one from Barb.  Lucky me!

Careys went to Fla. for 3 weeks.  They go for the winter after the holidays.  Someone is staying at the house as they didn't take the dogs.

Now it's Mon A.M.  I want to mail this and thanks for the Christmas suggestions.  Barb & I will start our shopping.

Enjoy your birthday weekend.  I'll be thinking of you on the 29th - with many happy memories.

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