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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I had a list of duties for this A.M. & got a good start.  The I turned on Turner movie channel & got hooked on a movie.  A group of girls living together & trying to get into movies, etc. Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, & Adolph Manjou or however you spell it.  It is so cute. Maybe I can do 2 things -- listen, watch & write a letter.  It was so good & a little sad.

We had enough snow this A.M. so I could use a sled to put the garbage at the curb.

Did you notice that Robert Peterson died -- he was Allie's son & Katherine's brother.  Was interested in the old Negro League & wrote a book Only the Ball was White.

Mar. 1, the 5th Ave. bridge will close & they'll start on the new bridge.

Tues. Warren H. called said they were coming to Warren on Wed. to the dentist.  Could I go out to lunch with them. We went to the Panda China Buffet in that new development next to Struthers.  It was so nice & a great variety of foods.  Soup table, 2 hot food tables & a dessert & fruit table.  Warren filled 3 plates &^ Anna filled  plates.  I was careful because Lar & Kim came for dinner.  But I really enjoyed the food.  I said to Barb we'll have to go there for lunch sometime.  I was surprised to see so many customers.

I'm disappointed with the Olympics -- they elave the "good stuff" the skating til the late hours when I'm suppose to be asleep.  And I am, & miss seeing Sasha Cohen & the rest.  I do like the speed skating shown in the earlier hours.  Both men & women.  And the skiing.

Later -- after your call.  Your news was a surprise but I know you are in good hands.  And I will be praying for you during this time.

I had to fill in some info for H.U.D. concerning the new medication program.  Hope I put in the answers they want.  My insurance enrolled me in this program & I received my cards & used them the first of Jan. to get my meds.  Had no problems for which I was thankful, after reading the papers concerning problems they are having getting coverage.

After reading The Parent Trap article you sent, I'd say you & JoAnna are the exception to the rule.  You share the household duties & that's how it should be.

Yesterday Warren H. said their latest gas bill was 400.00.  Mine was 144.00 on the monthly plan.  Theirs is less during the summer.  We are thankful for all the work Dad did -- we are reaping the benefits.

Fri. nite

I'm sure glad I'm using the crockpot more often.  After I had my hair done, I fixed dinner & turne3d the crockpot on.  When dinner time came, all I had to do was heat rolls & make a tossed salad.  We had a delicious dinner with leftovers for tomorrow.

The other nite we still had lottery tickets but no lucky numbers.  Barb spoke up & said I don't have to worry about money because something I've waited 20 years is going to happen. She'll have money.  Earlier she said this to Dale & then to me.  That's as far as she'll go in the story.  But when she told Dale & then me, she added, I'm going to be married.  I asked when?  She said you'll know when the time comes.  Dale thinks it is a "pipe dream".  I don't know, maybe she is in a dream world.  She spends enough time writing down her dreams. I'll keep you informed of this mystery!

This aft. I watched golf on ESPN.  I like their announcer.  This is a different type of golf.  It is one against one & the winner goes to the next round.  Tiger lost today so he is out.  Phil M, V.S., David Toms, all lost today.  I'll root for Canadian Weir to win.  Hope you recognize the names -- they are all outstanding golf.

With Dale, it is all NASCAR.  It was a good race last Sun.  This week they are in Calif.  We liked reading the NASCAR article from the N.Y. Times you enclosed in your letter.  Also the basketball articles & reading about Andy.

Now I'm watching women's golf.  Michelle Wie is playing.  She is fun to watch.

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