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Saturday, February 19, 2005

This is the weekend NASCAR returns to racing & we have been watching Speed Channel & races.  The big race is tomorrow from Fla.  If you are a real fan & have the money that is the place to be this weekend.  Daytona Beach.

Think I've mentioned this before what I learned from the Food Channel.  Marinate chicken with balsamic vinegar, onions & garlic, only I omit the garlic.  It is absolutely Dale's favorite way to do chicken.  They pan fried the chicken, but I baked it.  We had that tonite with Uncle Ben's rice, another of Dale's favorite.  And broccoli & fruit salad.  An easy & fast meal to prepare.  Make peanut butter bars for dessert.  Another easy recipe.  Similar to choc. chop cookies.

Barb has to go to the liquor store almost every week for Bert.  Barb hopes they don't think she uses all of it.  Barb thinks Bert should cut down on alcohol.  She is 87, in poor health, her friends have died or are in nursing homes so I say let her have her comforting drink.  She doesn't get out that much anymore.

Sun. Feb 21

We're watching the racing -- it is exciting to watch.  I forgot to mention when I had my hair done, I said to Sheila racing starts Sun.  Sue's customer said "Marion do you like racing?" Sheila answered for me.  "She is a big face fan."  I said I have to be as that is the main sport for Dale so I have to understand it.  I do enjoy it but it takes a back seat if baseball happens to be on at the same time.

I don't know if you remember the Nicholson's.  They lived on East St. next to the funeral home.  There were 2 sisters & 3 brothers.  One was a lawyer who was a good one but ides young.  None ever married.  They all have died & the last one died rectally.  They were ever active in the church but open to it.  They left over a 2 million estate.  The church will get the interest of 20% of the estate but it will probably take up to 2 y ears to settle (the estate). Pretty nice.  I know Dad used to call on the sisters who died first.

Barb & I finally finished the puzzle.  I'll put the card table away for awhile.

We won't go to Jamestown tomorrow -- the weather won't be that nice, sleet & rain.  I'd rather wait for nicer weather.

We like our new organist.  He plays very well & is getting acquainted with the liturgy.  He makes the organ sound very good.  He will lead the choir.

Tues pm the 22nd

This A>M. I went to Bible Study at church followed by pot luck lunch.  I made my tools to bring.  One thing that is never left over.  The pastor took 3 rolls home the last time I bro't them.  Her husband ate all three of them. He said "who made those rolls, I want to marry her."  Today I gave her the left over rolls so her husband should be happy.

Barb took the laptop computer to Lynn's so Lynn could help her get started -- how to use it.

You know what I remember about Janesville.  We spent our first nite as man & wife in a hotel there.  Our wedding was at 8 pm; after the reception we drove with Min & Lila & family to Beloit & then we took their car & drove to Janesville.  It was a terrible night.  Jan 26 & it was foggy & you couldn't see anything & it took a long time to get there.  We spent Sat. night with Min & Lila.  Dr. Benander asked Dad to preach at Salem that Sun & he did.  The first of the week we left for Auburn via train.   We got to Auburn in the morning & went from the train to the Strands for breakfast.  They are the ones that let you, Paul, open the cupboard doors & play with the pots & pans.

We've been watching reruns of Seinfeld & they are so crazy.  The other nite I was surfing the TV & came upon "Beverly Hills Cop 2". It was so crazy & I laughed so hard. Dale came downstairs to see what I was watching.  And today Perry Mason was in color.  Barb tho't that was the only one in color -- the first series.

That was really nice to be invited to consider applying for the job in Janesville.  But I can understand you not wanting to move because of the boys & the feeling you still have something to give at Middleton.  I guess that is why we continued to stay in Warren. It sure looks like a nice modern building.

I hope you're over the flu by now.  I had an extra Valentine so I sent it to my friend Shirley in Auburn.  She's the one whose husband died last Nov.  Heard from her today. The card arrived when she was getting over a bad case of the flu that left her very weak.

I don't know if you remem -- I've already covered that subject.  Nicholsons.

Our organist is 32 years old & last fall he had a triple bypass operation.  He was at church this A.M. When we were eating lunch the phone rang & it was his wife.  When he returned home he collapsed & was driving himself to Warren hosp.  He lives in Jamestown but didn't want to go to the Jamestown hosp.  We hope all things will be OK for him as organists are hard to come by.  His wife is only 22 yrs. old.  They have 3 children, the oldest is 6.  She was young when she had the 1st one.  T hey are a nice couple.

Wed. the 23.  I made the apple dessert from Bon Appetit (however you spell it) and it is good.  I had to sample it.  It has a think graham cracker base & that adds to the taste.

Gen called this noontime.  She tho't she was calling Millie.  We visited a bit.  Called Betty BAsey -- she had a slight stroke & is doing better.  Hope to get to church soon.

Love to all.  Marion, better make it Mom.

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