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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Your pkgs. are just about ready to send.  I need to finish taping the box but I don't know where Dale keeps his tape.  It will be finished before I go to bed.  One is a small pkg. I couldn't get in the box.  2 pkg. from me & 2 from Barb.  I almost forgot to put bows in & I hope I put in the correct colors, etc.

We're having homemade beef veggie soup & pecan pie for supper.  I sampled it for seasonings & it tastes good.  The first of the season.

In today's paper we saw the obit of Father Baker.  Also our organist's daughter died -- she was only 40 but sick for some time.  That is sad.

It's in the 40s today & Dale gave the lawn the last mowing.  Next will be snow to shovel -- but not too soon.

I've never heard of a garage store -- not in Erie or Buffalo.  If they have one, they don't advertise.  I'm sure you've heard me say we ate lunch in Sharon at the Quaker Steak & Lube. It was when I went to synod in Greenville with dad & Warren & Anna were there.  Warren suggested to go to Sharon & eat there.  A long time ago but I still remember our outing.

I find it interesting that you like a clock that strikes the quarter, half, three quarters & the hour.  Dale has his mantle clock very soft so I can't hear it if I have a restless nite.  Do you remember the clock that tells the time the world over -- Dale was saying the alarm goes off at midnight for about 30 seconds.  Barb tried to shut it off but couldn't.  But now it goes off at 7 pm so it doesn't bother anyone.  It plays different melodies.  It just played the tune to hymn "Joyful, Joyful we adore Thee", if you can recall the tune.  By Beethoven.  Words by Henry Van Dyke.  How do I know -- just looked in the hymnal for info.

Sun the 28th

I thought I had the pkg. all set when there was another gift to go in & no space.  So Barb found another box & repacked it & everything is in one box so cancel looking for a 2nd box.

Dale hasn't bro't the tree down from the attic so it isn't up yet.

We went to the library Fri. & I got e books.  A new author for me.  I read & enjoyed Lighthouse Cove by Kimberly Cates.  Also a book Catherine Coulter's Maze & Barbara Delinsky's "A Woman Betrayed" & I think I've already read it but it's worth reading again.  But first I must address Christmas cards & write a few notes.  Think I'll start after supper & it is almost time to get started.  (4:38 pm)

The Steelers won today but they're getting to the QB more than in previous games.

Will you get your Christmas letter sent on time this year.  You could write a note to each son & tell them how proud you are of them & how much they add to your life.  That would help to make up for the letter you missed writing.  I guess many of us never take the time to tell our children we love them but I hope you know you, Lar, Kim, Barb, Dale, & of course JoAnna, Andy & Eddie are loved and you are in my prayers.  I'm a very lucky mother to have such a nice family.  I often think how lonesome it would be if I didn't have Barb & Dale living with me.

Tues. evening Nov. 30

We went to Jamestown yesterday & the main thing I got was a red blouse for the holidays.

They decorated the church early this year.  We have new blue paraments so they have the blue lights (small ones) on the tree & it really looks nice.  For Christmas Eve they add the candle holders Dad made for the pews.  They fit over the pew edge & have 3 candle holders. It is a nice effect.

Barb sent her box yesterday & I sent mine today.  UP's at the Wrrn. Tire center on the East side.  The fellow called Barb by her first name & she couldn't remember his name.  Dale knew who is  -- Corky Frye -- maybe a year younger than Barb.  Very friendly & nice.

I have my cards addressed, stamped & some for around here ready to go.  I want to write a note in some cards & worked out a brief note.  Now I'll have to start writing them.

Dale just put our tree up.  Barb & I will decorate it but not tonite.  Maybe it will put me more in a Christmas mood.

Dale has to have a test at the hosp. tomorrow.  To check on his liver -- the Dr. wants to be sure it is OK.  Also he has to have a blood test.

Wed. Dec. 1

Millie called tonite.  She & Linda took Gen out to lunch & she feels so bad for Gen.  She is alone so much.  The house was cleaned up so Millie said she must have help.  Gen can't answer any questions, can't write so it is really bad.  The best thing would be for her to go into a home & be with people.  She didn't want them to leave.  Did you ever meet my cousin Warren Luthgren?  He is a paraplegic but has an elec. wheelchair & a special car to drive. Goes to church, sings in the choir & gets out.  So he & his wife have a good outlook on life. He must be in his late 70's.  It's been years since I've seen him.  He was born on Christmas Eve.

Our tree looks so nice.  Dale has yet to put up the outdoor lights but he has them out in the basement.  And the stocking are hung up.

I was going to write notes on some Christmas cards.  Here it is Wed & I have not started. Have about 20 to write -- mostly to relatives  (Got a start this AM -- Thurs)

Larry & Kim have been here (Thurs) & gone.   Kim had some errands to run so she left first. Lar, Barb & Dale talked at the table.

Tomorrow I'll make Spritz cookies & a choc. cooky for the Cooky Walk at church.  Also I'll make 2 pies.  One with cream cheese filling & you have cherry pie filling over it, and a pumpkin pie.  Both are easy to make.  I'll start when I come home from having my hair done Fri A.M.  I'll most likely order pizza for supper.  They want the cookies from 4-6 pm on Fri & the pies around 9 A.M. Sat.  I'll make the pies the last thing.  I love to bake so it's no problem.  All is well.

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