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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I'm sitting with a cup of coffee at my elbow after a busy 2 1/2 hours.  I now have a new cooky (you add chopped up Snickers) made & sampled.  Very good.  Another bar cooky waiting to be frosted, a banana cream pie for dinner (along with a chicken rice recipe they all like) & 2 1/2 doz. fresh dinner rolls.  Secret -- I made the rolls & new cooky recipe Tues. aft. & refrigerated them overnite.  Not bad for an old lady.  After a shower & getting dressed I'll be ready to take it easy.

We got our Penney's Christmas catalog last St. & you know what that means!  I prefer to send money but I like suggestions for a gift or two to open.  So -- Get busy Paul.

Wonder if you heard this on TV -- a library in Ohio is playing classical music in hopes of discouraging the youth from making the library a hangout & loitering.

Are you still getting the Warren newspaper.  Warren Hi is starting out great in football.  Barb's Dr's son plays QB & he is really good.  Also Ditka's nephew is on the team & he runs well for yardage.  David D's mom is a classmate of Barb's.  Father has a good job at United.  Warren won by good margins beating both Oil City & Meadville so far.  Those teams are usually powerhouses.

You might notice in the paper Marcia Gustafson Garrison died, age 50.  Larry's class.  After a long illness.  She was just skin & bones.  Parents:  the Don Gustafsons.  Siblings Susan G. Kiser & Don & David brothers.

The pastor in Sheffield-Ludlow parish is leaving after 4 years.  They really like him.  His wife is also a pastsor in some small nearby town.  They will be morning to Va. & both will be associate pastors in a large congregation.  Ray Forstrom will be interim pastor so he won't preach at St. Paul anymore.

I'd better get busy & get dressed so more later.

Thurs. the 12th.

Warren Hollertz called yesterday to tell me Anna had a heart attack last week.  Early A.M. hours.  She fainted & Warren wanted to call 911 but Anna said it's just the flu.  But when she couldn't sit up along for a drink of water, Warren called 911.  The EMT worked for 1 1/2 hours to stabilize Anna & then took her to Du Bois as that hospital is connected with Pittsburgh heart doctors.  She is home now -- she had the balloon method to clear a clogged artery & might have to have it again for another artery.  The end of the month she starts a heart exercise series at the hospital.  Warren leaves today for the wedding in Worcester & will be back on Sunday.  No trip to Florida but they hope to go to January.  I'm sure they are in for a changed life style.

Kim is happy with her school experience except for one 8th grade boy who is in 8th grade for the 3rd time, is 17 years old & could care less about lessons.  But he said he'll be 18 the 20th of Sept. & then he can quit school.  I'm sure the teachers won't miss him.

I finally got Dale to sign a card for Andy & mailed it this afternoon at the post office so he might not get it til Monday.  Returned 2 library books & got 2 more.

Your letter arrived today with Eddie's pictures.  They are so good & in the frame already.

The high school is really something   How nice to have the sports area they have.  You are fortunate to be in a growing area with so many activities to draw upon.  You shouldn't have any trouble being Library Director until you retire.

The train situation is something.  How could they go into debt so fast.  Poor management, I guess.

Carey's are home from Florida.  Talked a bit with Mr. C. when I came home from the P.O.  Mary Ann is doing more & feeling fine as a result of her operation.  No back pain anymore.

It's a gorgeous day -- on the cool side and a deep blue sky.  I'll take this any day over 90 heat.

Bert had to get a new portable dishwasher. Hers was leaking & it would be costly to repair.  The old was so dirty.  Sunday nite Lar & Kim plus 2 other couples are invited for Sunday nite supper.  Bert wanted Barb to come but she refused.  Like me she's doesn't like being "odd" man out!  Barb will work Saturday getting the house in order & have tomorrow A.M. off.  After I get my hair done, we'll go to Jamestown so we can be back before 3 pm when she picks Scott up from school.  He stays for lunch at school & then Barb picks him up & stays til 4:30.

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