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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Here it is Wednesday & I haven't started a letter.  Thanks so much for the beautiful basket of flowers.  At church Carol Andersen always has the altar flowers at this time & one vase always went to Dad & now I get them.  She always orders flowers from Ekeys & wants something special & she pays more than the regular price for altar flowers.  I received many birthday cards & thank you for your card & comments.  Yes, it must be the sweets!!

Last Friday we went out to eat & I chose Chiodo's.  I had the fish fry & it was very good.  Dale & Barb had baked fish topped with onion, mushroom & tomato & they said it was excellent.  Lar had a sausage pasta & Kim had an eggplant pasta dish.  We were all satisfied.  Then we came home for birthday cake from BiLo & ice cream.  Thanks for the phone call.  It was good to talk with the boys & you.

Heard from Millie -- she enclosed Edith's obit.  Gen called last nite so she remembered my birthday.  Edith had oriental rugs, Waterford crystal, Sterling Silver silverware &  beautiful china.  The lawyer said she didn't have a will.

Enjoyed your letter & the plans of the high school.  What a building.  Enjoyed reading about Andy's classes. They are lucky to get 50 minutes for lunch.

Last week was a busy week, this week isn't.  Today I made dinner rolls & a new recipe of blond brownies.  I just tried 1/2 recipe (9x9 pan) & it is on the sweet side.  Good with coffee, tho.  Also rolled out a pie crust for an apple pie Ill make tomorrow A.M.  As usual it will be chicken, but a new recipe.  You marinate the chicken in a mixture of soy sauce & Italian dressing & bake them in the oven. It was tasty.

Today my nose has been running & I finally looked for cold tablets.  I found a pkg with 2 left & it has helped as it's better tonite.  Don't think it's a cold but an allergy to something.

We had a rainy day & only in the hi 40s.  I can't complain about rain when so many in the world need it & don't get it.

I'm not too excited about the World Series this year.  It will be a late start so I won't see the end of the game.  I like Mike Scioscia (former L. A. Dodger) so I'll root for his team -- the Angels.

Last Friday I saw Dr. McNett & my blood pressure was good & the rest of fine so I don't have to go for 4 months.

Thurs pm the 17th

The kitchen is cleaned up & we're watching HGTV.  Good programs on Thurs nite.

I don't think Lar, Kim & Torey can stay at Pine Lodge.  They are sticking to no dogs rule.  But 2 other motels take animals.  They brought me a birthday gift tonite -- 4 blown glass tree ornaments.  Next weekend Kim & Lar pick out Christmas trees.  I told her to find a smaller one this year.  I think I'll go back to an artificial tree next year.

A shorter letter this week.

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