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Sunday, October 6, 2002

Watching TV again -- Twins vs. Oakland & I'm rooting for the Twins.  Last nite I was so elated when the Yankees lost the series 3-1.  Wow!  Yesterday's Twins-Oakland game was so exciting.  Sorry, but we watched Penn State beat Wisconsin (Guess I lost my threat of tho'ts) & think it's great.  I had to call last nite.  While talking to Andy I told him about Warren's Friday nite game.  They beat Erie East 32-0.  They had a play similar to Andy's only I missed it up telling him.  Warren's David Ditka fell on a fumble on the 5 yard line & went into the end zone for a TD.  Andy's TD was a catch on the 5 yard line & TD.  Just get a little excited.  Had TV on mute watching baseball & the radio on listening to Warren's game.  Dave Grady & Jim Gibson are still the announcers.

This aft. I was outside & Frank, across the street, came over & said "Guess you've heard what happened".  We hadn't but knew something was up as we haven't seen his wife's car for 2 weeks.  Faye left him for another man.  Frank said the other man has troubles & he's afraid they will both go down. Frank is very upset & said he still loves her.  He asked me to pray for both of them.  They never went to church & they know I do.  It is so sad when a marriage is on the rocks.  Why do they go for a loser when they have a good man & lovely home.  A change of life crisis?

A private plane went missing  the end of last week & Saturday's paper said Dr. Keverline was the pilot.  They haven't found the plane & he is dead.  My eye Dr. & I feel so bad this happened.  Selfishly as I wonder who I'll see next spring.  Dr. Weiss (Mary Berglund's husband) is the partner but can he absorb all the patients.  And lots of doctors don't like to come to small towns.  Dr. Weiss' daughter is interning following in her father's footsteps but that is a long way off & maybe she wouldn't want to come to Warren.  They have 2 other M.D.'s.

Tues the 8th

The first 3 days of this week are busy ones.  Had a perm yesterday at 10:30 AM.  We went grocery shopping, a day early so I'd have this aft. to clean the bathroom, etc., & last nite was LCW & I had devotions to think about.  This A.M. I got the dusting done & went to the Bible Study at Church.  I didn't stay for coffee -- at lunch at home.  I made chili & added rice when I served & it was so good so I had a bowl & sandwich on good rolls from Quality.  The bathroom is cleaned; I know what I'm having for supper.  I'm not sure if I'll get the kitchen floor washed today.

Tomorrow A.M. Barb & I are going to Jamestown -- she has to be back to pick Scott up by 3 pm.

I'm having a cup of coffee & instead of working the USA puzzle I'm adding to your letter.

Dale is painting the garage door today.  He sanded it yesterday.  Primed today.  He plans to go to Blairs, Starbrick, to look for work around the house pants.  His old jeans are getting too tight.

Last nite at LCW one of our members, a retired school teacher, but still young, Cindy De Chano is active in the Historical Society.  She presented a program on Warren in the 1800s.  It is prepared for grade school children.  She wore a dress that would have been worn then, but only 1 petticoat.   You would have enjoyed it -- had pictures; old high shoes with pointed toes & very small size with a buttonhook attached.  I remember them.  Pat Howard recognized a great grandfather in one of the pictures.  This was the history of logging & peeling & where they used to be -- Sheffield, Clarendon, etc.  Oil, farming & early buildings.  It was great.  Some members could remember the smells from tanning & the rotting bark from teh trees where they got the tannic acid.

Again I was happy this A.M. (went to bed before the game was over ) to find out San Fran beat the Braves.  I think I lean to St. Louis beating San Fran but I'm not positive.  The games all start late so I'm sure I'll miss the end of them.  I'm staying up later as Dale is on vacation this week.

I turned the furnace on this A.M.  It felt cold.

Wed. nite

We went to Jamestown this A.M. & I was lucky.  At Bon Ton I found a skirt I like & it was on sale.  The only thing it is too long so I'll have to shorten it.

At Penney's they had black & also red jackets on sale.  Just jackets in red.  Black had slacks & skirts but no size 14 in black.  The red will look OK with navy or black.  We were home for lunch.  Oh yes we also stopped at Home Depot next to Wegman's where we also picked up some specials.  Home Depot is quite a place & it would be fun to shop there if we were remodel(2 l's or 1)ing.

I washed the kitchen floor this aft. & rolled out 2 pie shells.  One for banana cream pie tomorrow & I made a quiche for dinner.  Broccoli & ham & used swiss cheese & it was really tasty.

Tomorrow A.M. Bon Ton opens early with special sales & Barb wants to go & wants me to go & use my charge card, as you get an added discount with a charge card.

Dale started on the garage door yesterday & finished it today.  It looks so nice.  He went to Blairs today & didn't find work pants but did get another pair of tan pants & a shirt.  I haven't seen them yet.  He's been busy & so have I.  He's working on the El Camino now & it is just about ready to drive.

Oh yes at Sears I tried a pants suit on but didn't like the fit of the jacket.  It was on sale, as well.  It was nice looking but not for me.

Don't think I'll be staying up too late tonite to watch baseball.  All nite games, next week also, so I'll never know the final scores til A.M.

Dale just showed me his purchases -- tan pants & a brown plaid shirt with tan & it looks good together.   He's getting good taste.

Thurs A.M.  I was watching TV one nite last week & Barb came down & changed the channel. The gov. of Wi. was beating with JoAnna's boss.  He looks like a nice man.  How is the election coming.  We had lots of ads on TV as Pa. will have a new gov.

We got to the Mall & I got my pie made.  A busy time.

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