Friday, September 7, 2012

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Millie called last nite to let me know Edith (Ed's sister) has leukemia & it is pretty bad.  She was in the hospital & got staph & that hasn't helped.  She is getting chemo & will most likely lose her hair.  Gen doesn't really know or care what is going on.  When Millie talked to her , she said she was mad, really mad.  Reason:  Dr. told her she can't drive.  So she is stuck there, esp. now that Edith is sick.  She asked Millie if Millie thought she was made, meaning crazy.  Millie asked if she talked to the Dr. & she doesn't ask or tell anything about herself-- tired all the time, no ambition to do anything.

Bert told Barb she called Mrs. Africa to go out to eat.  She couldn't because Mrs. A said she gets sick riding in cars.  Bert wanted to get Chinese & go over & eat there.  That couldn't be done either.  Only one person knows her problem & she is sworn to secrecy.  It's probably something like Gen & she doesn't want anyone to know.  She's all alone in a big house.  How lucky I am to have Barb & Dale.

Received info this A.M. from Carolyn about the Nelson get together.  Sounds good.  We'll talk it over with Lar & Kim.  We're back to Thurs. nite when they come over.

I'm using the crock pot for supper.  Swiss steak.  It smells good.

It is a warm day for Sept.  We got about 2" of rain over the weekend & it sure perked up the grass.

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown & I got a sweater set.  2 pieces as one.  Black sleeves & back & the sweater sections in front are a red, black & gold mixture -- like a stripe but not really one.  Does that sound mixed up?  I like it.  Saw one in the Christmas catalog.  I'll order for later on.  They are pastel colors.

Finally finished the puzzle I've had on the card table for 2 weeks.

Viola Seaquist wasn't in church last Sunday & I wondered why.  She was in one of the Carolinas with her daughter whose husband died.  He was in an auto accident & died of a heart attack in the hospital.  That is pretty sad --- a double whammy.

The weather has been so nice Barb is continuing her bike riding.  She now rides 15 or 20 miles depending on how much time she has.  She reached her 1000 mile goal & is adding to it.

I'm looking at a pretty apricot colored rose from the bushes we planted.  It is in a glass bowl. Hope they make it over the winter.  Larry wasn't sure how well they would do in our limited garden area.

Thurs A.M.

I'm taking a time out for my coffee.  It is warm & humid.  I want to finish this letter & Rose has a Sun. birthday so I'll get a card ready to mail.

I got new books last Fri. so I'm sure I haven't written about them. Another Catherine Coulter book which I enjoyed.  In a book review I noticed the author Fannie Flagg so I looked for her books & took Coming Attractions but it didn't attract me to read it.  She has a new one out. The author's name is easy to remember.

I've been memorizing some favorite hymns that are in a small supplemental hymnal.  So far:  How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, Blessed Assurance, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms & the next one will be Shall We Gather at the River.  All verses.  I pick a certain word in a line to help me remember the phrase & if I can't recall it I'm lost.  But I keep at it until it's in my mind.  Have to keep my brain working at least 50% -- HA HA.

I made a pecan pie for dinner.  Pies go over best for dessert.  Pecan, apple, banana cream, pumpkin & if there a 5 Thursdays maybe I'll make my favorite lemon meringue.  Also I like graham cracker cream.

The Schman man comes today so I have to get the money ready for the order.

Oh yes, finally Dale has one sunflower in bloom.

Eddie's pictures are so good & it was fun to see the series of Andy pitching.  Nice form.

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