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Sunday, October 20, 2002

I'll start a letter earlier this week.  I read the article about families staying put in Vacherie, La.  "Fun, as young people are reared to understand it, means sitting around with relatives, drinking black coffee & telling white lies," got a chuckle from me.  Luckily they have some industry for jobs so the children can stay around.

That's great about your library being in the top 10 for your population area.  It reflects on your good work as well.

Yesterday Dale got a pocket watch -- silver in color, most likely chrome, and a Kennedy coin on the cover.  Only $10.00 at Big Lots.  The lid opens to see the time & it had a chain & fob on it.  Is that the correct term?

We went to the Mall Sat A.M. & when we got home there was a message from Warren Hollertz.  Ray & Eleanor (Youngsville) were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary & Warren said they were coming & would I like to go with them.  I said yes & it was very nice.  We stayed about 3/4 hr (started at 2) & they had to leave as Warren preaches at a small congregation in Wilcox.  Once a month they have a 5 pm Sat. service & Anna wasn't going so he had to take her home first.  They were having a pot luck after the service & that would be too much for Anna.  She is coming along fine.  For 12 weeks she goes to a session on menu, etc. followed by exercise that is monitored.  They aren't able to go as they used to & they miss it.  After the 12 weeks they'll be on the go again.  The group will come to Warren & Holiday Inn for lunch on the 25th. 

I hope your back is better.  Do you take any pain killer for it?

Thanks for the recipes -- they sound interesteing.

Tues pm the 22nd.

At our potluck after the Study everyone had brought salads except for a rice pudding & salmon loaf.  Usually it is more well-rounded but theh saladsd were good.  NExt time everyone will bring a hot dish.

They are blacktopping 3rd Ave E.  We really needed it as 3rd is heavily used, esp. during when school is in session.

I made a spinach ravioli for supper.  It was good but I think it would be better if I used fresh spinach.  And I'd like to try the sausage ravioli. 

It is 9:20 & Dale hasn't eaten tonite.  He came home with a headache & hasn't felt like eating.

Wed. nite the 23rd.

Barb & I had planned to go to Jamestown on Fri.  She noticed the calendar & a note:  lunch with "gang" so I'm not going to Jamestown.   I'm shortening the skirt I bought & need seam binding.  Barb will pick some up for me.  I don't really need anything I can't find in Warren.  Just nice to go.

I haven't watched too much of the World Series if there is something else I like better.  I'm still rooting for the Angels.  Barb is for San Fran.  I'm watching Restore America on HGTV.  Restoring old homes & usually they have beautiful oak woodwork & not enough closet space.

Dale is OK today & ate his dinner.  It was a bad headache & he hadn't had one that bad for quite awhile.  I never have a headache -- maybe I'm the cause of them!  But Lar get bad ones & we usually only see him once a week -- on Thurs.

Heard on the TV today -- Christmas will be here in about 2 months.  Hint! Hint!  Ideas please.

It's Fri. 8 A.M. & I'm already to get my hair done.  I'll finish this letter, listen to the Warren news, put polish on my nails & it will be time to leave.  I'll go via CVS as I need a prescription filled, get my hair done, go to the P.O. for stamps, get my medicine, & go home.  Then wash a load of towels, hope to start rolls to finish Sat. &be ready at 12:45 for Bensons to pick me up.

I'm so glad lthey caught the snipers.  What a bad time for those in the D. C. area.

Don't forget gift suggestions.  I want to get 1 gift each for the boys & send money so they can shop after Christmas sales unless you get them what they'd like.  I'm thinking clothes.

I know N. Wi. has had snow but did it ever hit  your area?

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