Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2002

Another beautiful day.  Last week we had some cooler nights so I brought out my flannel nightie & put the electric blanket on the bed.  Now the nights are warmer.

I'm watching S. F. vs. Braves & in the 4th, it's 4-2 San Fran.  I say "keep it up".  Yesterday I was so happy to hear they fired Bobby Valentine.  What else could they do.  Now it's 6-2 & the bottom of the order has been up & making the hits.

Gen called last week to tell me Edith died.  I called Millie last nite to get the details.  She was in the hospital only 2 weeks & sick maybe a week at home.  So now John has his hands full with 2 estates & they can't find a will for Edith & I guess some of Ed's information is hard to find.  Why do people think they'll live forever & not make a will.  They don't want to face reality.

The Chinese fellow who lives at Gen's calls her at 2 each aft. to see if she is OK.  I think John feels better knowing he is there.  He tells Gen what she can do & can't do & she doesn't like that & will be glad when he's gone.  Possibilities are that he'll have a job in Mpls.  But not til next spring.

Almost forgot -- John & an old girl friend are dating again.  Millie says they are very good to her -- they eat out all the time.  Wish they could find someone to cook & clean a few days a week.  Millie doesn't know how Gen feels about the girlfriend, but I know she hopes he will get married & not be alone.

That is wonderful about Andy's game.  It must have been a real thrill for both Andy & his parents.  Pretty good for the freshman team.

That is a colorful ad for the library sale.  It should have caught the eye of onlookers.  Do the sales do well?  Warren has book sales but I've never attended.  I'm not reading right now.  I'm working another hard, colorful puzzle.  Was ready to give up but then I got started on some red flowers so it's coming along & is a real incentive to keep going til the end.

You told me your secret recipe for burgers but I never wrote it down, so you are safe!!!

You know, Paul, sometimes people sit back & absorb the speaker's message & mull it over & aren't ready to respond.  Or are afraid to be the one to "break the ice" so to speak.  But I'm sure you give them a lot to think about.

Yesterday, before we went to Quality, we went to the Mall.  I paid my Bon Ton bill & went by the women's department or Misses Dept.  I saw a p ant suit I liked a 40% off.  The jacket is zippered with a collar & not real long.  Need to try it on but it really appeals to me.  In black, brown & gray & I'd prefer the gray -- a darker gray.  I'll let you know the outcome.  Maybe I won't like it after I try it on.

Really enjoyed the Ryder Cup golf last weekend but was disappointed in the results.  Barb asked if I'd skip church to watch gold.  I was tempted but I went to church & was glad I did.

Interesting comment from Dusty Baker.  He told he chose Russ Ortiz to pitch because of his spiritual beliefs & he feels they help him even in his pitching, as well as life.  As it should be.

This A.M., when I was getting the garbage ready, I heard a noise & rushed out of the garage to see the geese flying in & formation going south.  In all the years here, I've never heard the noisy cries & the V formation.  Rose always told me about seeing them on her way to work.  I've seen them in V formation but never noisy.  It's great.

Thurs the 3rd.  4 pm.

More baseball.  Arizona vs. St. Louis.  8 pm Braves vs. San Fran.

Planned to make a pumpkin pie for tonite.  I had the pumpkin but couldn't find any canned milk -- it wasn't on my last lit but it's there for next week.  Looked in an older cookbook & found I could substitute half & half & 1/4 c. heavy cream so I made one.  Sample it & it is good.  We're having the chicken with mushrooms & cheese & a spinach casserole everyone likes.

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