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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My next letter will be written in July.  Times is too fast for me. 

I'll start with Sun.  Our pastor, her husband, tiny baby Jason & Pastor Beth's mother were in church. The baby is just 8 lbs. and doing OK.  He is the size of a baby doll.  And we got bad news -- our organist was in the hospital & had to resign as organist.  It's a big loss ^& organists "are as scarce as hen's teeth" as the old saying goes.

Sun. nite we had an enjoyable time & good dinner at Nickel Inn.  They have hummingbird feeders outside the windows & you can see them feeding.  It still is a very popular place to eat.

I'm watching Nelson Eddy & Marie Jeannette MacDonald (where was my mind? on Nelson Eddy!!) on Turner Classic channel.  They've been showing "The Thin Man" series the past week.

We are enjoying the A.C. during this hot spell.  Suppose to be less humid for the 4th of July weekend.

Ray Forstrum (Youngsville) is preaching during the pastor's absence & I think he depends a lot on "the barrel" for his sermons (old ones).  It sounds like he doesn't prepare that much & repeats himself.  I suppose it's hard to say "no" & there aren't that many retired pastors to supply.  I'm glad Dad quit before he couldn't do a good job.

This A.M. I was out early watering the pots with flowers & the ones on the porch.  For 2 days Barb's been putting off picking strawberries.  It's 8:45 & she is still in bed.  She was going to get up early & go pick.  I don't know what the word "early" means to her.

Last Sun. she asked Dale what time church started.  She didn't think Dale was right wen he said 9:30 A.M.  You see I leave at 9:10 & that is way too early for Barb.  I like to be early as there are always others there ahead of me.  Guess I get that from my dad.  He always wanted to be early rather than late.

Barb had a film developed at BiLo in one hour & she was very pleased with the results.  She's also getting some more prints made.

Every day the weather channel shows showers, and we need rain, but nothing happens.  Finally Monday pm we got about 1/3 rain with a lot of wind.

John Harper's pic & article are in today's paper.  I'm sure you'll notice it.

I'm thru, except for getting the garbage ready for Thurs, so Ill take it easy.  I just cleaned the bathroom & towels are washing. 

Fri. July 1

I'd better finish this & get it mailed.

Last nite Courtney was here for dinner.  Bert & 3 others went out to eat so Barb was responsible for Courtney.  She just finished 7th grade & has the teenage problems with her mother.  They are here for 1 more week.  Later Barb & Courtney went to the mall, Lar left for work & Kim walked Torey home.

Bon Ton is having a 4th of July sale & Kim went shopping for a dress for Lar's 35 anniv. of graduation.  It will be at the Country Club.  She found a 50.00 dress, with the sale coupon etc. it cost $14.95.  She got some decorations (from a 50% off table) for her newly painted kitchen.

Barb & I will go up this Aft.  Barb always says I don't need anything but she can't refuse a sale.  Recently she has bought, on sale, about 5 pr. capri pants.  Last week I saw a blouse I really liked but not in my size so I lost out.

At the Mall Kim saw one of her ex-students.  She tho't he'd never leave Sheffield.  But he joined the Army & soon will go to Iraq for a year.  She said he looked so good & was nice to talk to.  She welcomed the change. 

Barb picked 7 qt. strawberries & said it was easy picking.  Had strawberry shortcake last nite, chicken from BiLo (already cooked), potato salad & beans from the garden.  Strawberry & watermelon salad.  Easy & delicious.

Sheila had the start of a tooth implant so isn't working today.  I got mixed up -- didn't realize the appt. was for Thurs. & I missed it.  So I have to wash my hair myself.  I used to do it so I'll hope for the best.

I love Turner Classic Movies.  I really enjoy watching them.

Don't work too hard!  Enjoy your party.

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