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Friday, June 5, 1998

We got your letter yesterday.  Always interesting reading.

I'm watching tennis (men's) on T.V.  No American made the finals.

Dale enjoyed his 3 days in Rochester.  They had a test before they started on the studies & one when it was over.  Dale got all the answers correct.  He drives a Shults car & naturally wouldn't leave his car 3 days at the Mall.  When he returned their car, he saw lights - went in & no one was there.   Lights on, radio on & some machine not turned off.  And the place a mess.  So Dale shut the place up & locked the doors.  Those are expensive tools they work with.  I'm sure he will be cleaning up the place after work tonite.  He said the course was very interesting & worthwhile.  I told him I missed him & he said he missed home.  It would be very lonesome for me if Barb & Dale weren't here.  Last nite he mowed the lawn & edged along the sidewalk using Lar's edger.  Lar was working at Carey's.  Dale said it felt good to do physical work after sitting 3 days.

For 3 days in a row I've had to strip Dad's bed & wash it.  Today even the blanket was wet.  He doesn't know how it happens.  He hates Depends & he doesn't like sleeping downstairs.

Have you been reading about the Wrrn. Library & the latest move.  Must be tough on the new director.  Wonder if he realized what he was getting into.

Interesting interleague baseball  play this weekend.  Wonder if they'll continue it.  This time the Yankees play at the Mets & it's sold out.  (The 2nd series.)  Mets are at Boston this weekend.  I'll finally see them Sun. nite on ESPN with Jon & Joe.  Good announcers.

Buffalo Sabres didn't have it to get to the finals.  Now it's Sat aft. & soon baseball on Fox TV.

I decided to have the Erie Sun. Times delivered.  Don't have to pay for the 1st 4 Sun. as they are having a contest.  Will bee billed from Erie quarterly.

It's cool so I've been baking this week.  Made a coffee cake & raisin bars this A.M.  Also a pie shell but I'm not sure how to fill it.  Straw. are available at Hatch Patch.  3.75 qt. but they are full qts.  Took a turkey out of the freezer so we'll have it tomorrow.  Wanted the space in the freezer.  I'm having coffee & a raisin bar now.  And Mets vs. Boston is coming up.  How lucky can I get!

Summer schedule starts tomorrow.  Church starts at 9:30 A.M.  And it will be cool so I can wear my new spring outfit.  Pretty sweater (navy) & a navy print skirt.  Got it from Penney's catalog.  I did wear my new outfit.

Mon. A.M.  This day hasn't had a good start.  This is Dale's early week 7-4.  He couldn't start his car as someone tried to steal it.  They broke the starter.  Luckily he had another one o& got it fixed & was only 1/2 hr. late.  They left a knife & he didn't touch it.  He called the police & they came & took the knife & checked things over.

I started washing & put clothes in the dryer & it made a big noise so something is wrong.  Hope Dale can fix it.  Also had started the next load of dark clothes.  When they were finished there was the remains of kleenex.  I didn't check the pockets thoroly.  Now they're all on the line.  It's a cool day, cloudy at time, but there is a breeze so I hope they'll all dry OK.

Saw Mary Ann C. & asked about Susan's baby.  4 lb & 7 oz. & it was a C section.  It was a hard delivery so they decided to take it this way.  But both are doing OK - baby gaining weight.  Sara Elizabeth, a pretty name.

The Mets didn't fare so well last nite but 2 wins out of 3 isn't bad.

Have to add to Gen's letter.  Her birthday is Sat so I'll have to get it off.

Is Eddie still on medication.  You haven't mentioned how it is working, etc.

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