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Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Eddie and Taury

Took the Christmas tree down the 1st of the week & after many trips to the attic, all the Christmas things are put away.  Dale took the tree upstairs.

The toilet in the basement was leaking so Dale decided to fix it.  Had to put a new wax ring in.  The sink wasn't in right so he fixed that.  Didn't like the old toilet paper holder so got another one.  Scraped the lower part of one wall & plastered over that.  After it was dried, sanded & gave it another coat.  So it should soon be ready for painting the walls & floor & then he'll put the toilet back.  Didn't think it would be such a big job but according to Dale if you do a job, you do it right!

Football gets interesting.  Could it be Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay in the Super Bowl.  Hope so.

Soon time to think of lunch so I'll quit for now.

Now it's Fri. & time to finish this so I can mail it Sat. A.M.  We got your letter on Thurs.  Enjoyed seeing pictures & reading of your activities.  We've had a lot of rain.   Beaty Field is covered.  Melted water coming from the North.  Barb & Scott put on their boots & went to Lar & Kim's camp but that hadn't overflowed yet.  Dale was going to check it out when he had a chance.  Dale found a bank env. with $180,00 but he returned it to the bank.  He said that's what he'd want someone to do if he were the loser.

(Left to right:  Scott Johanson, Andy, Bobby Forbes, Eddie)

On winter vacation, I went to Grandma's house

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