Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday, August 31, 1997

Just a little note to enclose an obit. for Mr. Sandblade & a note on Pa. libraries.

Dad saw the Dr. on Wed - I went with.  He wants Dad to have an upper G.I. to find out why he has trouble swallowing.  It will be Wed at 89 A.M.  I mentioned a pain in my left leg - calf area & he wants me to have an ultra sound to find out why.  That is Wed. at 1 pm.  Fri aft. I have an eye exam.  Every thing comes at once & the next week we have company.  But I've decided on a menu.  Dad has lost 15 lbs in 3 months & that concerned the Dr.

Dale is still working on the car - everything has to be perfect.  Fred told him not to drive it for a month so the paint can "set" property.

I'm watching the Steelers-Dallas game.  Go Pittsburgh!

We saw the Met vs. Baltimore Sat. on Fox.  What a game for Met lovers to see. It was great.  I'm going to root for L.A. to win the Nat. League.  L. A. against Orioles!  Andy won't like that.

Labor Day Lar & Kim will come for a picnic supper.  Burgers on the grill & a blueberry pie.  Barb's request. Got them at Farmer's kt.  Most likely the last of the season.l  She wants a double crust, old fashion pie.

We'll be sending Andy's birthday gift soon.

We've had a lot of cool & cloudy weather.  Over 3" of rain in Aug.  We didn't have any in July.  The grass has come back & it grew a lot this past week.

I've hit a snag - no more news.

Mon. A.M.    My pie was a bit "juicy" but delicious, esp. the crust which I got out of the Wi. cook book you gave me.  I'll enclose recipe - similar to the one you use, JoAnna.

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