Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, March 6, 1998

Just got cards ready for Andy & Eddie for St. Patrick's day.  Just a letter for Mom & Dad.

Not much to write about.  A week ago when Lar & Kim were here, Kim was unusually quiet & said practically nothing.  No reason was given & naturally we wondered what happened.   Last nite we got the ans.  The week before, after they'd been here, they had a telephone call from Kim's cousin Chris who lives in Atlanta.  She was in Warren & could she come over.  Naturally she did & the story came out.  She works, supports her mother who drinks too much & they were living with a divorced man and 1 of his 3 children.  He was at least 10 yrs older than Chris - they had a fight & Chris left after finding a place for her Mom to stay.  She is afraid of him.  Fri. Chris left for Phila (she had flown to Pittsburgh, rented a car & drove to Wrrn) to stay with a girlfriend.  The guy had Kim's telephone number & kept calling - it was on the answering machine.  Once when Kim pushed the message button he wanted Chris - the 2nd time Kim a series of swearing , calling Chris a slut, etc.  Naturally she was upset & it bothered her esp. since she has heard nothing from her cousin. This is the 2nd man she's lived with - he was even older.  Will she ever learn.  Maybe it's because her folks were divorced & they also lived with Kim's grandmother & no male influence.  Kim is the one who is levelheaded.  Her bro. Paul also has problems.

We've had a cooler week with snow flurries but they don't amount to anything.

Mon. nite PBS aired a program "Your Hometown" Warren.  Different Warrenites video'd different areas of Wrrn. & Ch. 3 edited it into an hour's program.  It was so good & got the best response - this was about the 4th "Our Town".  They offered the video for a 60.00 donation & 197 families ordered it including yours truly. I'm sure you'll want to view it.  I'm glad we live here.

Soon lunch time so I'll bring this to a close.  Are you still planning to visit.  If so, what are the dates.  I like to start planning - menu planning, etc.

Artwork by Eddie.

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