Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saturday, July 18, 1998

Thanks for the pictures, menu, etc. of your party.  Sounded like everyone had a great time.  I'd like to hear more about the food - sounded so good.  You have such a nice back yard for a party.

I can't believe how tall the boys are getting.  It will be fun to see them as well as their Mom & Dad.

Dale is on vacation this coming week.  He finds things to keep him busy.

Kim says one of her friends will be having 2 of her nephews visiting the week of the 9th & Kim said they will try to do a couple of things together.  They might be a little younger.

Now I'm on the porch with a cup of coffee, after a supper of baked beans, hamburgers & corn on the cob.  It's a beautiful evening.  The weather report:  By Wed. hi in the 90s, low in the 70s.

I saw Carey's go out & about 6:30 their alarm went off.  I couldn't find Larry & Paula wasn't home.  The police came to investigate & I told him we had a key but I don't know how to turn it off.  He could see the dogs running around - maybe they tripped the alarm.  It finally went off - guess the Co. is able to do that.

Kim went to Erie last Tues. to look for furniture & found what she liked at a discount store.  Looked other places first.  They plan to put their apt. sofa bed at camp in the den & the new one in the apt.  She got a couple of chairs also.  And Lar bot a water heater so you'll have hot water when you stay (sleep) there.

Please remember to bring the boys HELMETS as I'm sure Andy will want to ride the bike.  Our sidewalks aren't too good for roller blading but lots of kids have & use them.

Last Mon. I had a dental appt.  One of my front teeth needed a new filling as it was turning dark.  What an improvement.  It didn't hurt as the tooth had a root canal many years ago.

And I got my new lenses - same frames.  A big change & it has taken time to adjust.  Table & flat areas are at an angle but it's improving.  One eye wasn't seeing too well & there is a cataract growing but not close to being removed.

The cancer society had an all nite walkathon at Beaty to raise money.  The only drawback is they play music very loud & most of the nite.  It was quiet from 2 A.M.-4 A.M. & then you could hear more music.  Not good for sleeping.  They rasied about $27,000.00

Did you notice the Mets won 2 games in a row.  On Fox TV today.  In one inning they had 3 great outs - infield outs.  Sun.  The Mets lost today.

We're watching baseball L.A. vs. St. Louis.  The gold in England was exciting this aft.  I was rooting for Mark O'Meara.  He won.

Hot weather is returning - I hope for another cool spell so I can bake Andy & Eddie's favorite cookies in Pa. Maybe they have other favorites at home in Wi.  Hi in the 90s low in the 70s.  You ask about Paul's favorite cookies - maybe!

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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