Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, August 30, 1998

Barb just got back from a walk & she said it was getting warm.  We've had some humid weather & I for one will be glad to see Sept. & cooler weather   Nites are better for sleeping - more low 60s.  This week the day time highs are to be in the 70s.  That is better baking weather.

Went to the library & read "Innocent Blood" by P. D. James & liked it.  I've heard of her but this is the first book I've read.

Dale was in Rochester for 3 days Wed-Fri this past week.  Topic - transmissions.  Now he's on vacation for a week.  Barb & I hope he'll be around long enough so we could make a fast trip to Jamestown.

Last Mon. Lar & Kim got their CRV & it is really nice.  They are pleased with it.  Good sitting & easier to get in like the van.

I've missed church a few Sun. this month, but I got there today & it was good to be back.  After Labor Day we go back to the 10:45 time & I'll be glad.  Today I didn't have much to do in getting Dad set for the day.  Some mornings are worse than others & to be ready for (;30 was a struggle.

In today's bulletin it was announced that there was a rose to honor the birth of a daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Phillips II.  That is Patty Welsh Phillip's son.  I didn't know he was married - or even working.  He was going to JCC.

I sat by Linda Lyle Ekey in church & they have 4 children.  Oldest a girl is a R.N. & working in Bradford Hosp, next son went to school for carpentry & is home & working.  2nd son started a vocational school in Pittsburgh & hated it so he joined the Army last Apr. & is in Okla - Ft. Sill & is learning to drive trucks that carry rockets & loves it.  Will be home in Oct. for 10 days.  Youngest son at Eisenhower.  All smart kids.  It was a tough summer for them - farm equipment broke down (farm in Akeley) washing machine went & they had to get a new car.

Arlene H. sat with us & next Sat. she leaves to visit Beth & family for a month.  She wonders about going as she hasn't felt well this summer.  I think she has sugar & was in the hosp. one time to get it in control.  She mentioned she saw you walking by.

Mrs. Katherine Sundell died.  She was an Ekey & had a daughter & a son Paul who stuttered.  They both live in Maryland now.   Paul never married but has done well in his job.  Mr. Sundell isn't well either.  She was 83.

This A.M. Dad said to me "I wish you could have a baby".  I said we're too old to have children.  He must have been back in the late 40s when I was trying to get pregnant.  When no one (so we thought) in the family had Parkinson's I never thought this would happen to Dad.  He just seemed to give up & give in to the disease.  He doesn't tremble as much as some - more when something upsets him.

The Mets had a good game Sat the 29th.  A homerun in the 9th with 2 outs & kept L.A. from scoring in the bottom of hte 9th.  Too bad McGwire was thrown out of the game against Atlanta but it didn't look like a strike.  I know you can't argue strikes & balls but people pay to see him play.  And last nite the Steelers won.  Dale was happy.  I watched the 1st half.  It will be nice to have football games again but it smothers baseball.  Too much overlapping of sports.  You'll have to send a picture of Andy in his football attire.  Doesn't sound like he's tired of practice.  Would be fun to watch hi mat these sports, Eddie also.

Were they glad to get back to school.  Do they like their teachers.

We're starting to get political literature.  I don't even read anything from Jim Lynch.  He's a shoo in & I don't like him.  Too much ego but I guess it takes a lot in the job like that & someone has to run for office.

I'm rambling so I'll close with our love to all.

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