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Saturday, June 21, 2003

The Dr. gave me a new medication as my blood pressure was too high.  He said it might cause me to cough & it does during the night & spoils my sleep.  So on Mon. I'll call & see if there is something else he wants me to take in its place.

Last nite Dale had a bad headache & the all night cancer doing at Beaty Field didn't help. When it was my bedtime, a rock band started playing & all we could hear was the constant Boom, Boom, Boom. I finally fell asleep but was awaken at times.  Finally they quit, only to start it at 6 A.M. so you couldn't sleep in.  I'm sure a lot of area people were unhappy.  That's why Barb slept at Lynn's house.

Back to Dale, he's OK this A.M., but plans to stop drinking coffee to see if that will help. Teasingly, I say I must the be cause of headaches.  Dad had them once in awhile.  I'm not sure about you but Lar, Barb & Dale get them.  Knock on wood but I never get them.

How long will it take for Andy to get his license?  I suppose the next punishment will be "you can't take the car for a month"!!!  Am I being sarcastic?

Sheila told me her one cat had an operation to remove a lump from the tongue -- cut out part of it & the cat was very unhappy for awhile.  They don't know yet if it was cancer & if it had spread.  The cat was only 11 yrs. old so she wasn't ready to put it to sleep.  Expensive operation $300-500.

Kim & Larry are going to the Hosp. Ball tonite.  The Conewango Club isn't ready yet for a Ball so it will be a less formal affair.  It will be at the new riverfront area.  More like a cocktail affair with fireworks at 10 pm.  Kim will wear a long skirt but just suits for men.  It's cloudy & cool, in the lower 50's this A.M. so a sweater will be a necessity.  I just put on a cotton fleece jacket on rather than the furnace.

Watched the Yankees beat the Mets last nite.  'Nuff said!  There was rain & more predicted for today.  Around here you'd never know it was the first day of summer.

Tues. June 24th

Finally summer has arrived & more humidity is forecast for tomorrow.

Our potted plants by the side of the house & garage are so pretty this y ear.  We used a variety of flowers & some new ones this year -- verbina & it is so pretty & miniature dahlias. Both are so pretty & colorful.

The new medication the Dr. gave me doesn't agree with me.  It can cause coughing & it comes during the nite, so I called the office.  He told me the alternative is more expensive but the office said I could try some samples they get so I'll pick them up this aft.  I'll have to get them since my blood pressure was too high.  Guess the Dr. wants me to live to my 90's!

I got a chuck roast & browned it, put it in the crockpot with Beefy Mushroom soup & that will be our dinner tonite.

Met the new neighbor last nite as he was sweeping up after mowing his lawn.  I returned the keys Careys gave us in case they got locked out.  He is very nice but I didn't really get his name.  His wife's name is Melody & for some reason that stuck.  2 daughters -- one who was 13 yesterday & 1 10 yr. old.  They moved from Houston where they had lived for 56 years.  Both grew up in the Pittsburgh area so are happy to be closer to relatives.   I'm sure he is younger than Dale.  We'll have nice neighbors.  Haven't seen her yet -- she is busy unpacking & getting things in order.

The roast had a real good flavor, & it was tender.

This is the nite Dale was suppose to work til 8 pm but he was home early due to a blackout. I bet the stores at the Mall hate that.  This is the second time recently but that first one was due to a fallen branch on some wires in the vicinity of the country club.  Dale heard it might be due to someone digging & hitting something.

Wed. the 25th

Marisa was in a car accident.  The car in front of her stopped suddenly & Marisa couldn't and as a result it was a 4 car crash.  She wasn't hurt -- it was on Pa. Ave. E. near the new Country Fair (where Jones Chevrolet used to be.

Tomorrow I plan to have a cookout for supper.  Grill chicken & cook pot. in foil.  And fresh local strawberries (shortcake) for dessert.

Today the TV shows bad wind & rain storms for Madison   It is suppose to be coming to us for Fri. & Sat.  The only nice thing is that it will be in the 70's so Sat A.M., I can bake dinner rolls & cookies.  First thing tomorrow A.M. I'll make shortcake when it is cooler   I haven't turned on the A.C. yet but might tomorrow.

Thurs. the 26

Put the A.C. on this A.M. & it's run all day.  I don't dare to complain after the cold winter we had lasting the start of June.  Once the showers come it will cool off.

Denise Johnson might have to have a knee replacement.  Noticed she was limping a bit in church.  Betty Casey told me Sandy fell & broke her leg in 3 places.

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