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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Dale is out in the sun soaking up the rays.  Barb is doing 15 mi. on her bike.  Her tail bone doesn't hurt as much now.

The garage roof is completed & it looks so nice.  2 shades of lite brown.  A big improvement.

This A.M. we went to the Mall.  All summer I've been looking for a summer skirt.  Di find one & I got a large & it is too big in the waist.  Tried taking it in but it didn't look right.  Today at Bon Ton I saw one I liked a lot but it was a small.  Where were they when they had all the sizes -- or should I say where was I.

Thurs nite the Mets were suppose to be on TV & then came the black out  But they are on tonite & tomorrow aft.   They are showing improvement but it's too little to late.

I've also watched golf & Tiger is having a tough time.  Maybe he needs to play more tournaments or maybe it's an off year.

Barb went to Jamestown yesterday.  Got a couple of sleeveless tops for Bert's birthday.  She likes to wear them with a jacket.  They were on sale.  She leaves for NYC on Tues.  Barb will take a week off for vacation & wants to go to Erie.

Larry & Kim enjoyed their 2 days in Erie.  Rode bikes, etc.  And shopped the sales.  Larry got 4 prs. of shoes.  2 for work, sandals, & tennis shoes.

Mon. Dale goes to Erie for a MRI & they want him to be sleepy for the test.  Larry will take a vacation day & drive him.  Mon. nite he & another fellow worker have to go to school for a day.  Mark will drive.  Dale is taking the week of the 24th as vacation.  The Erie Dr. wants all the tests taken there.  Guess the Wrrn Hosp doesn't forward any test results.  He still will have 1 more test to take.

I love your kitchen window.  When we were remodeling, I wanted a similar one but didn't spend the money for it & now I regret it.  It would be so nice for plants & maybe I wouldn't splash on the windows as it would sit out more.  Yours is really nice because it has side windows that open.  You are really improving your home.

It is hard for me to visualize Andy at 6'2" & 205 lbs.  And Eddie will be catching up on Andy as time goes by.  2 handsome sons to be proud of.

I don't remember anything about Seabiscuit.  That was my 1st year in Mpls.

Sun. the 17th

Just had a LONG conversation with Rose S.  Jim & Diane were home yesterday.  I wanted to tell her the outcome of today's meeting at church.  After service we voted to call a pastor with 3 NO'S.  Don Ekey asked why she didn't trial preach at St. Paul but they don't do that anymore.  There is a lot more to the job besides preaching.  She will start in Oct.  That is such a relief to know we'll have a pastor.  Rose's sister Violet is in the hosp.  She has had 3 strokes in addition to Parkinson's so she has been staying with her at Violet's home while Larry works.  (When Violet was home.)  Rose thinks a nursing home will be the next step. Rose isn't that well either.  Finds it hard to walk & doesn't get out much.

The way the Mets are playing currently gives us fans hope for next y ear.  They have some great young players   The pitching needs help. Having Piazza back has given them a lift. They have won 5 in w row.  Imagine that!

It will be a blanket nite tonite & it feels good.  I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Tues. the 19th

Barb & I went to Erie today.  First stop - Target.  I love to go there.  Picked up paper goods -- foil, Saran & they had a large Cascade on sale.  Got some small heath bears which I love with a cup of coffee.  A couple of dish towels, Pepperidge Farm cookies & I guess that is about all.

Then to the Mall.  Nothing at Penney's, got a navy blouse at Kaufmans on sale.  Barb got a medium blue slack outfit.  Then to a gadget store & got a can opener, a pair of tongs & a wooden spoon.  We stopped at Sears & noticed they have Land's End clothes & shoes but we didn't buy anything.  Ate lunch at Red Lobster.  We both had fish.  When we got home Barb noticed a bat upstairs.  She opened the door in the little room & it must have flown out. When Dale came home he couldn't find any evidence of a bat.  The roofers finished the front of the roof & toady they started ripping off the 3 layers of shingles & they must have upset a bat.

Dale & another worker were in Pittsburgh today for a class.  He said it was interesting.

Wed. A.M. the 20th

Barb took me over town & I got stamps & then went to the bank.  I moved $5000.00 from one account to my checking acct. so I can make the final payment on the roof.  When they tried to get me to tie up this money, I said no.  I want to be able to get it easily when needed.  2 yrs. ago some went to pay for the car.  Thanks to Dad's thriftiness the money is there.

It's warming up again & more humidity is expected.  It should be a cold meal on Thurs. but what I don't know.  It's spaghetti & meat balls tonite.  Think I've seen a chicken rice salad that might "fill the bill".

Just talked to Millie for 1/2 hr.  She just got back from visiting Linda at the Cape.  Linda always has things planned for them to do, so she has a good time.

I guess John got the money from the sale of Edith's house.  He also kept the Oriental rugs.

Thurs.  The roof is completed & all like it, color, etc.

Kim starts school on Mon. & the kids start on Wed.  Where did the summer go.

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