Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monday, June 14, 1993

First of all thank you & JoAnna for the beautiful bouquet of flowers you sent to Carl.  Blue & yellow and so many people commented on their beauty.  It was a memorable day for Carl & so nice to have his sisters & Paul, Andy & Eddie here.  It was a great week, enjoyed by all.

We had so much fun with the boys - they have changed since Christmas, especially Eddie & I was great having them around & they were good boys.  We miss them.

Sat. Barb had videos to return to the library & I wanted books but we got there about 3 minutes before it closed -- 1 pm - but I chose a book & it was a good one.  "Homestead" by Anne Rivers Siddons & it was so good.  This A.M. Carl played golf so I walked over town as CVS had some special sales & then I went to the library & got 4 more books.  So I'm sitting on the porch reading afternoons.

Now we're watching Mets vs. Atlanta in Atl. and hoping for a winning outcome!!.  Ha Ha.

Tonite Dale left for Rochester for school tomorrow.  Something to do with transmissions on a truck that is coming out. Only 1 day this time.  They gave him a car to drive & it has less than 400 miles on it.

Dad played 9 holes today - he wasn't sure if he'd finish 9 holes & was glad to make it.  He likes his new driver.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.

We had our first strawberries from Hatch Patch & they are good.  Hope to pick some later on .  They aren't picking yet -- allowing people to pick.

Last nite we watched the Brewers vs. N.Y. & saw the birds in the outfield.  Funny.

Not much going on here - if Eddie asked "What happened", we'd have to answer nothing!

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