Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 1994

Clothes are washing & other chores out of the way so I'll drop a note to you.

It's warmed up so now they are worried about flooding.  We can see that snow has seeped into the ground.  They were also worried about the ice on the Conewango Creek - that it would plug up & cause flooding.

I've put together several 1000 pc. puzzles & have one to finish.

Dale hates the Bills, hates Jim Kelly & is probably disgusted with us for rooting for the Bills.  Sure hope they can do it this time.  Go Bills!  It brings excitement at this dull time of the year, esp. with this cold weather.  The house has kept warm.  We even had an elec emergency  proclaimed by the gov. (Casey)

Bathroom work is progressing.  Lar didn't expect this extra electrical work.  Said there was too much on one circuit so he changed things & they are right now.  Now he can work on the tub area & get that in.  We chose paper - small print on top, larger print on bottom & a border between.  We decided on linoleum as with a rug it's harder to get the dust in corners.  I'll have to buy a mop- but I don't think it will be that much more work for me to clean.  Once the bath is completed I hope to clean upstairs good.  Houseclean.  Hope I don't lose my desire.

The puzzle I'm working on now is a picture of home in Colonial Williamsburg.  The boys should like the Amusement park.  We enjoyed our visit there.

Hope you enjoy the articles I enclose in my letters.  I think they are cute.

I think they have missed about 56 days of school so far - all the "snow days" have been used so they might miss part of the Easter vacation, short as it is.

Time to check the drier or is it dryer - so I'll close.  Oh yes, the living rm. T.V. shows an all green screen so something must be wrong!  Maybe we'll need a new larger screen T.V.!!  Lar & Kim have a nice 27' they got at Turner's.

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