Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday, July 23, 1993

Our lovely weather continues -- but more humidity for Sun & Mon.  Perfect drying weather.

Wonder how Lar & Kim, esp. Kim, are enjoying hot, showery Fla.  Taury, too.

The Forge got a 17 million contract from the Air Force so that will keep them going for 2 more years.  Struthers, on the other hand, just has a skeleton crew.

Dale has been catching up on his sleep this vacation week.  So I do my dusting *quiet work) early; at 10 AM I watch reruns of Matlock & enjoy them so much; then at 11 I finish my noisy work -- vacuuming.

We went out for breakfast - Perkins for Belgium waffles & they are delicious.  It was busy.

Lost my library card but got a new one for 95 cents.  Worth every penny.  Have found good books lately but none of the late one by Paretsky, Grisham, or the other female who starts with G.  I also lost my list of authors I had in an address book with my card.

Barb finally got the frame to hold the futon mattress.  She also got a new bedspread & a round table with cloth matching the bedspread.  Looks nice.

Gen called last nite.  They enjoyed the Sweden trip to mulch.  Edith did, too.  They've been busy keeping up the outside.  Ed still does carpentry work - just finished building a deck for a friend.  Tonite Ed's investment club meets at their home - wives also so she expects 16 & she has the meal.  They picked blueberries & planning on making 3 pies.  I hope to get some to make jam.

The library isn't keeping up the shrubbery beds & it bothered Barb so she volunteered to weed & has been busy doing weeding evenings.  Lar will mulch it & that should help keep weeds out.  T hey have someone that mows but he isn't very ambitious.  Don't suppose they pay much.  The 1st week of Aug. they'll be closed for vacation.

In Aug. Kim will have an intensive week of school to get credits toward her masters.  School Board encourages that.  5 days, all day.

Lunch time & I've chattered enough.

We think of all of you a lot & we love you all -- heaps!

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