Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday, June 22, 1996

Congratulations JoAnna for your work in the recent election.   It was hard work but well worth the effort.  You must have felt like you were walking on air for a long time.

This coming week will be a busy one for me as on Wed we will be 12 for lunch.  The pastors & wives we used to go out with.  I tho't we'd only be 8 but the other 2 couples heard & wanted to come.  Just hope it won't be too much for Dad.  He can always go upstairs & rest if he needs to.  Plan to serve potato salad, asst cold cuts & cheese, lettuce, tom, & onions (if they want to make a sandwich, Bean pot, jello salad, & strawberry shortcake.  (They are picking at Hatch Patch but we've had so much rain they won't last long.  T hey are delicious.)   Coffee & iced tea to complete the menu.  And rolls of course.  I have my schedule of duties all made out for Mon & Tues & Wed A.M. before they come.  They suggested hamburgers, etc. but that for me is more work.   With my choice I can have things all set & ready to serve without too much trouble.  Found a recipe for iced tea.  After the tea is ready add frozen raspberries & let thaw.  Then strain & put in refrig.  Sounds good to me & I don't care too much for it.

The garden looks so good, thanks to Barb & she loves working in it.  We've had lettuce from the garden.  Lar has supplied some of the plants & Barb planted them.

The evergreens we have by the school fence have really grown together.  Nice privacy for us.  The laurel in front of the house is so beautiful this year.  Full of blossoms for the first time.

We don't hear anything from  Rockford so I guess all must be O.K.

Gen had a birthday June 13th & she had a nice day.  They got a new liner for their pool so they can swim again.  Gen was 74.  They planned to pick strawberries last week.

We're watching baseball N.Y. at Cleveland & Cleveland is winning so far in front of a full house.  Albert Belle received an ovation when he was first at bat, and he got a double.

12 days from today & it will be the 4th of July.  Doesn't seem possible.

Kim has stopped by a few times this past week while walking Torie.  We have a cup of coffee & chat.

Not much going on but wanted you to hear from us.

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