Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Just a few words.  Finished cleaning upstairs & have some letter to mail for Dale.  I'm enclosing some clippings and a note from Gen, so I won't have to writer about her happenings.

Baseball today - ESPN - 1 pm, 4 pm, & 8 pm.  So you know what we'll be doing.

Followed the temps in Ariz. so I know you had summer weather.  We didn't get the snow the East had - today it's sunny & warming up.  Tomorrow will be even better so I'll walk over town & do some errands.

I'm back to reading.  Angel by Barbara Taylor Bradford & Home Song by La Vyrle Spencer.  Both enjoyable reading.

The kit. floor is so nice but I see more spots than with the rugs - no wonder it got so dirty.  So now I'm going to go after the spots 

Letter to Marion from Gen.
I'm at the Dr's office for Ed.  He has a rash that has been bothering him.

About a month ago he had a mild heart attack.  I went to the Dr. with him & the Dr. wanted to hospitalize him for observation overnight, but Ed didn't want to.  He has slowed down but can't understand why  he can't do what he used to accomplish.  I'm sure if he lets his heart heal a little he will be able to do more, but maybe he should slow down.  He does go up in the wood to cut wood, but he has a wood cutter to cut the logs into pieces.  We use the wood in the breezeway to keep it warm for the 2 cats!  We don't even use that room for ourselves!

They are cut tho and very clean, should have one! or two!

I just grabbed this paper as I came out the door.  Yesterday Ed had an eye major change there.

John wants to buy his own house - doesn't want to live right near to us.  He has looked at several.  There is one in Wilbraham that he likes with a nice view - it is a large ranch.  He's made an offer on it, but quite a bit lower than the people want to accept.  It is empty now & I wonder if they don't sell soon if they will accept his offer.  It was owned by an elderly couple & the husband died & the wife is living with a daughter.  It does need some fixing but Ed says it is the best house John has looked at.  He has looked at several in Longmeadow, too.

Wally & Edna's house was put on the market for 127,500 & the price in last Sunday's paper was 108,000 or something like that.  It is a real nice house, but not the best location.  Betty & Bob scrubbed & painted & fixed everything up to make it like new.

We have robins in our back yard.  So good to see them.  I'm ready for spring.

Hope Barb is better and that the medication is working.

Yesterday after the Dr's we stopped at Gus and Paul's (or Dale) for coffee & a danish.  Wonder where we will stop today.  Ed feels we are entitled to something different once in awhile.

Frank isn't feeling too well, but I guess that is expected.  He's been in the nursing home for over 5 yrs.

Millie & I went out yesterday to do a few errands.  She enjoyed Las Vegas. She'll probably be writing you.

This is Tuesday, the 25th.

It's a gray day but tomorrow is supposed to be clear & warmer.

I should do some ironing & make some Brownies.  I use the Pillsbury Mix - it is so easy.

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