Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

It's been a rainy, dull day.  This aft. we watched Mets vs. Yankees.  It was a good series, esp. the first game which the Mets won.  But they put up a good fight.  I'm sure they gave the Yankees a scare.  So I think the Mets made a good showing.  I like the idea of inter league play.

Yesterday the A.M. & aft. circles from church went out to lunch at Heritage House in Russell - they take groups of at least 10 & aren't open daily.  We had a nice time & enjoyed the food.

Interruption as Kim & Torey came over for awhile.  Lar was at camp due to the rain.  It's looking so nice - you'll be surprised when you see it.

We'll celebrate Kim's birthday on Sun.  She can't some on Thurs, as usual as she has to teach a 3 hr. course at the Red Cross Thurs. & again on Mon. nite - 6-9.  Her birthday is Sat. but they'll go out to dinner.  Just 2 sessions for the class.

Now I'm watching Braves vs. Toronto & Tor. is ahead so far.  They won.

Barb's been doing some weeding at the library.  Lar got - can't think of the word - like mulch & she put it around the shrubs & it's a great improvement.  Now she is starting in the basement - painting the floor & walls.  A cream color for the walls & a tan floor.  She's going by sections & has one section completed.  What an improvement.  It will take awhile - we have stuff we should get rid of.  Lucky you don't have a basement to collect junk!

Dale is keeping the outside looking nice.

Enjoyed your letter & hearing of your doings.  That is said about Renee but she sounds very cheerful & sure of the results.

Thurs.  It's a beautiful day.  I did a load of wash & hung it outside.  Dale put the hooks up & then the lines so I can dry sheets outside.

When I asked Kim what to serve for her birthday - (when I asked anyone for ideas I don't get much response) Kim suggested salads & to grill hamburgers.  We had steaks for Father's Day.  So I'll make pot. salad, Broccoli Salad & fruit salad.  Noticed Betty Crocker has a small angel food mix that makes 12 cupcakes or a loaf cake.  I'll try that so she can have some candles even tho she doesn't eat desserts - except M&M's.

Now it's Fri A.M.  Will be warmer & more humid today.  They came & checked the air cond. & all is in good order.  We'll probably use it today.

This letter will finally get mailed tomorrow - when I go over town.

Just watched a Western starring Audie Murphy.  Enjoyed it.

Yesterday the movers were here (Conaways) & Dad sat on the porch watching.  They (Harraras) are still here - at least the car is there & the back end opened so I suppose it's the last minute stuff before they take off to N. Dak.  Haven't heard a thing about the new neighbors.

Strawberries are late this year - none so far at Hatch Patch.  I need to make jam.  Usually I pick with Kim. They have raspberries you can pick.  Maybe I'll try that when they're ripe.

Gen was 75 June 13th & it was Fri.  They (Millie, Edith, John, Gen & Ed) went out to dinner & then back to Gen's for cake & ice cream.  Millie & Edith got a special cake decorated with "75".

Think I've "gabbed" enough.

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