Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, January 17, 1997

It's cold here with periods of snow.  At 4 pm.  I defrosted the freezer today - put the contents on the front porch & went to work on it.  Had everything back in by lunch time.

No school today - due to blowing, snowing & cold.  Kim & Taury stopped by this AM for coffee.  At 1:30 she & Nancy were going cross country skiing.  Cold for that.

I''m making veg. soup for supper - to go with a fish sandwich.  I've made the Blender Banana Bread twice & we like it a lot.  Will make another one Sat. as I've got too many bananas.

Paula Carey called today to let us know she & her husband will arrive tomorrow & I'm to put the key under the mat for them..  She would like to move back here & he has an interview with a law office.  Bill Hill Jr. is retiring & also another whose name I don't recall.

Thanks for your 2 letters Paul.  I can just see Eddie raising his hand & making the comments.  Good for him.

We watched Dole get his Medal of Freedom & I tho't it was a very nice thing to do.  Both Clinton & Dole had good talks.

I sent an order to Penney's & it came on Wed & I'm very pleased.  A Leslie Fay dress - shirtwaist style, pleated skirt in a jade print & I love it.  Looks nice on.  Have to return a pair of slacks as the zipper doesn't work right.  I like the color, etc. so I'll reorder.  Easiest way for me to shop.  Easter comes early this year & maybe it will be too cold & wintry for a spring dress.

Scott told his mother Barb was his mother.  So Lynn said, "What am I?"  "You're my girlfriend," he replied.

We aren't going for groceries tonite so it will be after I get my hair done.  Last week I walked to my appt.  It wasn't too bad.  Barb said she'd take me over tomorrow.

Green Bay goes to the super bowl & we'll be rooting for them to win.  They should.  We'll be watching & thinking of all of you when they score a TD - towel waving, etc.

Now it's Sun A.M. & again I'm ready for church with time to spare.  It's minus 3 & I'm wearing my wool slacks & again will wear my "cold weather coat" - one I only wear for real cold weather.  It's ages old but since it doesn't get much wear, it's in good condition.

Got the pictures & letter yesterday.  I can imagine the Super Bowl setting - lots of towel waving & toasting when G. B. wins.

Kim always enjoys reading your letters.  Larry has a 4 pm soccer game & meets with Nancy at noon to discuss plans for the Dr.'s new quarters to be.  Lar has drawn up all the plans.  They can't get started until the 1st floor tenant moves out.  Kim & Taury will stop by this aft.  They got some kind of strips - roller to make it easier to roll out the freezer & fridge so we can clean behind it.  Dale was reading you should do that yearly & vacuum the coils, etc.  So now he'll have a job to do.   He likes to do that & I'm glad he does - he is a big help.  He cleaned & shined the kit. cupboards with Liquid Gold & that really improved them.  He said they were quite dry & really needed the work.  All you "guys" are good workers.

Yesterday after lunch Dad said "Who will take me home, now."  I told him he was home.  He gets muddled like that at times.

Happy Days it is suppose to warm up this week.  I feel the need to get out & walk a bitg.

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