Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday, April 27, 1997

Have a minute while dinner is cooking so I’ll start a letter & see if I can finish it later.

It’s been a rainy day but it looks like it is trying to clear up. It’s suppose to warm up this week.

Dale has a summer schedule at work. Every other week they work from 7-4 with an hour for lunch. This is the 2nd week of early hours. Dale gets up at 5:30 A.M. & showers in the basement so he won’t make too much noise. I’m up at 6 A.M.

Carole & Joyce were home for Ruth’s operation so Sat. A.M. after the operation I called at Ruth’s as I figured they’d be there. Talked with Joyce – all went well & I haven’t heard since. Tried to get Beloit but I guess Gen spends the days with Lila. Signe called & she tho’t Lila was in a nursing home. The hour difference in time makes it harder. Think I’ll call your time& then I’m tired & I forget. Joyce said they sold their home & would be moving to Cle Elum the other side of the mountain. Have property on a mt. at 2400 ft. & they’ll have hot summers and cold winter. They will build & hope to do a lot of the work themselves. Will have to rent for now.

Barb & I got groceries & stopped at the Mall. Was watching Atlanta v. L.A. cut Atlanta can’t lose so I changed channels. Mets are winning, but we don’t get them. ESPN lets us know.

After Larry finished the kitchen floor the 3 plain walls in the kitchen didn’t look good. They were yellow walls. So Barb decided to paint & we got a light beige & what an improvement. It looks so nice & makes it lighter.

We’re watching Larry King interviewing Colin Powell. Interesting.

Tues A.M. Upstairs in cleaned & I’m waiting for sheets to dry & then I’ll take things upstairs to put away.

Dale told me this A.M. that Wed. after work, when he’s cleaned up, etc. he leaves for Rochester for Thurs. & Fri classes for his job. They earned a 5 star rating so last Wed nite (23rd) they had a dinner for all employees at Jackson Valley C.C. The Chrysler organization provided all the food & I suppose the chefs there did the work. Last year they just missed it as one of the employee’s girlfriends had a complaint – the others were disgusted at that.

This week Sam Baughman & wife are spending the week at Shults’ condo in Fla. He won the trip. If a person you recommended bot a Shults car your name would be placed in a pool. San had 6 names in there & his name was drawn. He was happy. Flight down & back & the condo for a week. His folks are in Fla. so he planned to see them.

Tomorrow (Wed) is suppose to be nice & warmer so I’ll go over town & cash a check for my May expenses & look around at D&K. Not much left downtown anymore. But I love to go into D&K – like a rummage sale only better. And I’ll return library books & get more. Finished a Sandra Brown book & it’s quite “steamy”. Also read one by M. C. Beaton. I like them a lot.

Now it’s 7:30 pm. After supper I pulled a few weeds by the side of the house. Need to get some gloves before I really start gardening.

Called Beloit last nite & talked to Genevieve but didn’t really learn anything. Charles was out. Lila and Ruth are both in rehabilitation places.

Did you catch the Mets score on Mon the 28th. Mets 15 – Cincy 2. I love it. Next year we might not get as many Braves games as they are planning to downsize TBN.

Time to send our love to all of you.

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