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Saturday, September 4, 2004

I was watching golf & doing another puzzle when I needed a break.  So starting a letter is doing something different.

This A.M., I picked just about the last of the blueberries.  Maybe a large handful yet to ripen. We are enjoying tomatoes from the garden.  Also made a pumpkin pie & potatoe salad to go with hamburgers tonite.  Also corn on the cob.  We'll also have steaks either Sun. or Mon.

Barb went to Jamestown this A.M. -- she needed groceries from Wegman's.  She got some nice looking local corn there for 6/1.00.  Pretty good price.

Dale had a headache this A.M.  Wanted to go to Jamestown this aft. but he took some aspirin that got rid of his headache but left him with a "buzz" feeling, so he decided to sit in the sun & get more tan on his body.  It was his Sat A.M. to work but Shults is closed this weekend.

Boy, the Mets sure have taken a dive but they are still my team.

I've been watching the Weather Channel & feel for Fla with another storm Francis on the way. Maybe some folks will think twice before moving to Fla.

Wed. Sept 8

I was in bed at 9 pm last night.  Why so early, you wonder.  Mon. nite I couldn't get to sleep until early A.M. hours.  I did my work including washing the kitchen floor.  Also took 3 cat naps (1/2 hr) thru the day.  Today I'm well rested but lazy.  Worked on my puzzle & just finished while watching Perry Mason.  No lost pieces, either.  We're having tacos for supper & that is easy.  This aft. I made 2 batches of cookies.  Choc. chips & a new one with brown sugar, oatmeal & coconut plus the regular ingredients, so I wasn't completely lazy.  I sample them twice with coffee.

We're getting rain & the temperatures will be in the 60's.  Nice to sleep with a blanket on.

Had a letter from Millie.  She had a call from Gen who told Millie "I didn't know Barbara had cancer."  It must have been a bad day as she called many times to ask about Barb.  I don't see how Gen can be alone nights.  Lots of time they walk out & get lost.  I hope Gen stays home, & doesn't wander out.

I always read the library's Bookworm.  Interesting to read to see what is going on.  Sounds like it was an exciting summer for the library.

I had taco ingredients for lunch when you were here, but we ate out so they never got used. Barb & Dale like them & along with a salad it makes an easy meal for me to prepare.  I will freeze the leftover meat & it will make a nice & different lunch for Barb & Dale.

Dale talks a lot about Max who has a shop in Frewsburg for repairing cars.  Tonite Max stopped by to ask Dale to cut something for him.  Dale has said a lot about him -- an endless talker, divorced, a grandfather, is 43, has problems with women.  He isn't at all the picture formed in my mind.  He is short with dark curly hair & nice looking  I pictured an older man -- maybe not too neat & he is the opposite.

Thurs. Sept 9

Kim & Lar were here.  No special news.  Kim was meeting the "girls" for a nite out.  A glass of wine & talk.  The others would order more.

We had 4" of rain & some in the basement.  More cracks need to be fixed.  The ones Dale just fixed worked as no leaks there..  We got a few puddles -- imagine what homes in Fla. have to put up with.

Soon Andy will be 17!  Hard to believe.

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