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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Oh no!  No TV.  It is all "snow".  Something needs to be fixed & I hope it is fast.  It happened as I was doing dishes -- rather pots and pans.

Last Fri. nite the Braves were at the Mets & on TBS, so I was in front of the TV hoping for a fast game.  Just the opposite -- it went 12 inning before the Mets won & I stayed up.  Dale didn't work on Sat.  When I got to bed at midnight I couldn't fall asleep.  Up at 1 A.M. to go to the bathroom & then I slept fitfully til 6 A.M.  Made myself stay in bed til 7 A.M.  Another interesting game on Sat. & the Mets lost today big.  It was a crazy game.

Sat. A.M. there was a box & Barb tho't it was for Dale but it turned out to be my Penney's order.  It was behind the glider & beet it come on Fri. when we were out so he put it out of sight.  I got a longer lace tablecloth & I like it.  It's on my table.  The chair pad & back are thicker but maybe it will flatten out a bit.  I like it -- it makes me sit up straighter.

Warren H. called today.  He has a 1:30 dentist appt. so they'll come at 11 A.M. & we'll go out to lunch.  After the dentist appt. are over, I'll probably not see them so often.  It's an hour trip one way.

Last Ts. we had some overripe bananas so I decided to make a banana cake with a recipe from Ethel Johnson.  The first time I made it, it came out so nice -- this time I was disappointed.  Not light & nice.  We still ate a piece.  This week I make a carrot cake for Lar's birthday.  I'd better do a good job on that.

Did you notice the Buffalo hockey team made the playoffs & are in the 2nd division after beating Phila.  Now they play a Canadian team, & won the 1st game.  It is Ottawa.  Go Sabers!

I haven't taken the elec. blanket off the bed yet as it cools off after midnight.  Turned the furnace off for a couple of days but yesterday I was cold so turned it back on.  It went on this A.M., but not during the day.  The gas bills should be lower during the summer.  Gas bills at church have surely wrecked their budget.  I'm sure many churches have that problem.

May 9th Tues.

We had a nice lunch yesterday.  Warren & Anna picked me up at 11 A.M. & we went to Perkins.  His appt was at 1:30 so this time we ate first.  I always have a good time when I'm with Warren & Anna.  I got my Mon. chores done in a hurry.  Just before I left, I put the 3rd load, the towels, in the drier.

We put off grocery shopping til today.  And then I forgot to get carrots even tho it was on my list.  But Barb bought some bagged lettuce & when she went to use it tonite, it wasn't that good, even tho the date was 5/15.  She plans to return it & then she can pick up carrots for me.  Need them for the cake I have to make.

I'm watching the Diamondbacks at Pittsburgh & Pitts. is ahead 1-0 after 1 inning.  Wonder how long that will last!  Jim Leyland is doing OK with the Detroit team.

At lunch yesterday, I had an omelet with a blueberry muffin & they are huge & very good, the muffin.

Sat. May 13

Thank you for the beautiful Mother's Day plant & the cards.  They are appreciated very much. The plant is already hanging on the front porch.

Yesterday I had a nice visit with my friends. They have a nice luncheon menu & of course the fellowship is great.  We plan to meet at Holiday Inn on July 7th.  This way I can go.

Larry had a nice birthday.  The menu was steak & baked pot,. tossed salad & carrot cake for dessert.  Your gift didn't arrive til Fri. so we'll give it to Larry tonite.  We are going out to eat to celebrate Mother's Day.  We're going to Chiodi's, my choice.  We get a nice dinner there. Have a 7 pm reservation.

Dale worked this A.M., Barb is riding her bike & I'm watching TV.  Barb gave me a new puzzle so I started working on that.  This A.M. I made a blueberry bread.

We're getting much  needed rain but no rain so far today.  It is sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny.  Things are really growing now.

We didn't go to the Mall this Fri or Sat. so this won't be mailed til Mon.  I could mail it by the Post Office but it isn't collected 'til Mon. so there is no difference.

The boys' car is so cute.  Yours very meaningful.

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